There are several patents centered on the operation of the TZUUM app as well as associated software and hardware. These patents are owned by George Carter, III the inventor of Laser Tag. The patents are licensed in full to Tactical Entertainment LLC, the publisher of TZUUM.

Simulated Shooting System and Method

The system includes a plurality of communication devices with each communication device associated with a separate player. In addition, each mobile phone includes an A-GPS device for determining a location indicia of the communication device and a mechanism for communicating the location indicia to a network. A game server communicates with the network for relaying the location indicia of each communication device to all of the communication devices. Each communication device includes a mechanism for determining a directional orientation of the communication device when aimed and a processor for determining if a simulated targeting of another player is a hit or miss based on the location indicia of a shooting communication device, the location indicia of a communication device of a targeted player, and the directional orientation of the shooting communication device.

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Error Correction System and Method for a Simulation Shooting System

The error correction system includes a mechanism for gathering and storing historical data of a communication device utilized in a shooting simulation system. The historical data includes hit and miss results of the communication device in a targeting of a target over a predetermined period of time. The system also includes a processor for analyzing the historical data of the communication device to determine errors caused by the communication device. The processor determines an error correction to correct the errors caused by the communication device. The processor then implements the error correction to determine a hit or miss of a targeting of a target. The error correction system may also utilize historical data from shots taken by a shooter and motion of the communication device being aimed immediately prior to targeting a target to determine an appropriate error correction.

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