TZUUM: Tactical Engagement

TZUUM: Tactical Engagement is based on outdoor military training exercises that are designed to teach tactics and situational awareness. The cardinal rule is to find the enemy before he finds you. Situational awareness, stealth, and anticipating your enemy’s next move are as important as the many game resources provided by TZUUM. Managing your weapon inventory and knowing when to use the right weapon will often decide who wins and who loses an engagement.

How it works:

  • TZUUM: Tactical Engagement uses your phone’s GPS and sensors to communicate between players with a telecom link (you must have a data plan)
  • The player’s location is known from GPS satellites, cell towers, and nearby Wi-Fi signals (enabled in settings)
  • The direction your phone is pointed is determined by the magnetometer (compass) and other sensors

If GPS, magnetometer, or telecom get a weak or disrupted signal an orange bar and message will appear at the top of the screen. If there are frequent orange bars on multiple phones this is probably a poor gameplay location. Occasional orange bars are normal.

Player tips:

  • There are more than 20 sound effects that help you understand what’s happening, it takes several games to learn their meaning.
  • Use your earbuds, it silences the phone speakers so enemies can’t hear you.
  • To shoot, aim and hold as steady as possible then tap the fire button. If the first shot misses, continue the steady aim and fire again. Quick point and shoot or shots while running may hit, but it’s basically just luck.
  • The best defense other than the shield is to be a moving target, the faster the better.
  • Blind firing to find an enemy (aka recon by fire) usually fails. It wastes ammo, you may hit a friendly and it can cause your weapon to jam.
  • To hit a moving enemy do not follow with your aim, instead aim ahead and wait for the target to pass through the aim point.
  • Save shields and ammo for the last 20% of the game, this is usually when winners are separated from losers.
  • Find the enemy before he finds you.

Where to play:

One of the great advantages of TZUUM: Tactical Engagement is that the players choose where to play and this choice is a major factor in the quality of gameplay. The best locations have trees, bushes, hills, or structures for concealment and lots of space to maneuver. TZUUM: Tactical Engagement is a long range game with weapon ranges up to 500 meters and a minimum range for each weapon.

Location factors to consider:

  • The game is designed to be played outdoors.
  • The telecom connection strength can be checked by the number of “dots” showing or simply make phone calls.
  • GPS needs a clear view of the sky, so nearby tall buildings, overhead structures, and heavy forrest canopies are detrimental.
  • The magnetometer measures the earth’s magnetic field and can be disrupted by vehicles, underground pipes, buried power cables, metal buildings or any nearby metal object.


  • There are three game modes and each mode can be played for 5, 10, or 15 minutes.
  • Free for all where everyone is an enemy.
  • Team Blufor vs team Opfor, with team and individual scores.
  • Home base is like team, except you find and occupy the enemy base. Each team leader (the first player listed on each team) sets the home base by his location at game start.

picAt game setup two to eight players gather near the center of the playing area to decide game parameters. After logging in toTZUUM the “PLAY” button leads to the next screen and the “HOST” button. The first person to tap “HOST” becomes the game commander and is in charge of setting the four game parameters. The other players can then tap “JOIN” and enter their team choice unless it’s a FFA game. The game commander then taps “START”, the countdown begins and the players spread out to find a tactical starting position.

Three points are scored for hitting an enemy, one point is deducted for being hit, one point is deducted for hitting a friendly. In the home base game 100 points are scored for entering the enemy base and staying for 10 seconds without being hit, if you get hit the timer starts again.

All points double during the last 20% of the game (the spotter will warn you).

The arsenal:

Each weapon and device has a limited quantity for each game. Five minute game = 1x, 10 minute = 2x, 15 minute = 3x.

  • L*A*S*R (low accuracy seeking round) direct fire, maximum range = 75 meters, ROF = .75 seconds, damage to shield = 2%
  • H*A*S*R (high accuracy seeking round) direct fire, maximum range = 250 meters, ROF = 1.25 seconds damage to shield = 4%
  • DRONE, air to ground missile, blast radius = 10 meters, range = 150 meters, ROF = 3.5 seconds damage to shield = 20%
  • GUNSHIP, air to ground missile, blast radius = 16 meters, range 500 meters, RoF = 7 seconds damage to shield = 40%
  • SHIELD, points not scored when shield holds, duration = 60 seconds, in base game a missing shield regenerates with return to home base.
  • SCAN, hold steady heading and spotter reports enemy location in “clock” degrees (“nearest enemy at your 10 o’clock). In the base game enemy base also reported.