TZUUM: Missile Strike

Missile Strike is a game like no other. Using your iPhone you can locate opponents with the radar scope, aim your phone, and launch missiles at players up to 2500 miles away. A new game starts on the quarter-hour and you compete against players as close as your neighborhood or across the country. Enter the game, login 3 minutes before the quarter-hour, wait for the countdown and play for 12 intense minutes.

Players are fully engaged as even near-miss shots can be heard whizzing by. Remember, if you start shooting missiles at someone they will likely fire back! You and your opponent will be identified with the callsigns you chose when you created your account so you may be on your way to creating a rivalry! Be ready to engage your energy shield or shoot the opponents missiles out of the sky. To do this you will need to use your weapons wisely.

How it works:

The player’s location is known from GPS satellites, cell towers, and nearby Wi-Fi signals. The direction your phone is pointed (heading) is determined by the magnetometer and other sensors. Each weapon and device has a limited quantity for each game.

Maximum range is 2500 miles and minimum range is 1/2 kilometer (5 1/2 football fields, for those of you with a US public school education). Anyone within 1/2 km is invisible, so you can play in the same room without affecting each other. The downside is a well-placed Titan missile scores against both.

Offensive missiles:

  • Talon: Long range, fast rate of fire and light damage (to enemy shield)
  • Atlas: Mid-range, medium rate of fire and damage
  • Titan: Long range, slow rate of fire and very heavy damage

Defensive systems:

Shield: 100% protection, diminishes over time, damaged by missile hits. Multiple shields per game. Point phone up to activate.
Aegis ABM: Anti-ballistic missile system that may be able to intercept incoming missiles before they do damage.

Intelligence system:

  • Radar scope: You are at the center and enemy locations show as orange blips when the screen is tapped.
  • Hit by: The callsign of players that just scored against you are displayed above the fire button, tap and the radar shows their blip and callsign in the upper left corner of the scope. As you are hit by other enemies their callsigns move clockwise to the next corner so that the most recent is in the upper left. Tap any corner and their blip appears.

Gameplay / Player tips:

In Missile Strike, the cardinal rule is find your enemies before they find you.

At game start tap scan to open the radar scope. You are in the center and when you tap the screen you will see blips all around that are your enemies. Rotate the phone to line up with a blip and note the heading (direction in degrees 0 – 360). Return to the Fire screen, choose the Talon, aim at a heading and fire. If you miss try a couple of degrees in in either direction. When you hit an enemy the screen will flash green, you hear a distinct sound, and the spotter says “HIT”. There are over 40 sounds and spotter messages, so don’t expect to learn them the first day. When you get hit the screen will flash orange, you hear a been hit sound, and the phone vibrates.


  • Talon – Use to locate enemy heading, do not waste big missiles to find enemies. There are more Talons than the other missiles combined, cannot be hit by Aegis, and have a fast ROF (rate of fire).
  • Atlas – 1500 mile range (the last circle on your scope) medium ROF, damage to enemy shields, and blast radius. Vulnerable to Aegis.
  • Titan ICBM – 2500 mile range, slow ROF, very heavy damage and large blast radius. Vulnerable to Aegis.
  • Aegis ABM – When you hear “incoming” you have time to get off 3 or 4 shots. Aim is not important, just fast reactions. If successful you will hear “missile destroyed” if not, orange flash and big explosion.


  • Talon – Two points for shooter minus one point for target player.
  • Atlas – Four points for shooter minus two points for target player.
  • Titan – Six points for shooter minus three point for target player.
  • Aegis – No points, but you just destroyed a large enemy asset.
  • Shield – No points for either side.

Where to play:

Your location is based on GPS so at least a minimal signal is required, but most indoor locations work well. The heading is determined by the magnetometer and other sensors in the phone, so stay away from magnets and large metallic objects.
It’s always fun to play in public places like malls or bars, because you get “you really just hit someone in New York?”.