The inventor of laser tag, George Carter III, is revolutionizing the gaming industry once again with his innovative outdoor combat game that implements military concepts with the technology of the iPhone. This is the first fully audio immersive personal combat game.

TZUUM allows users to battle anytime, outdoors without the hassle or cost of having to go to a physical arena. Additionally, it does not require players to wear any type of weighty equipment or sensors, allowing them to dart quickly through their battle field of choice. TZUUM immerses its players in the battle through the use of headphones where players can hear shots whizzing by and shrewd spotters sanctioned to lead players away from danger toward areas that provide the highest tactical advantage. GPS technology and sensors in the phone offer players up-to-the-second location updates and allow for them to acutely aim and shoot their targets spot on by using close air support weapons such as drones and helicopter gunships.

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